Training Fees

What ownership suits you?

We have options of:
Sole ownership, joint ownership, racing partnership, syndicates or company ownership.

Full training £40 per day
- all veterinary work, farrier, physio, and transport costs will be separately charged

Stabled keep but not ridden
£26 per day

Grass Keep
£12 a day

All fees are subject to VAT.

If your horse is registered in your Company's name it may still be beneficial for the Company to join the ROA so that you benefit from a 20% discount on registration fees. If a Company joins the ROA this still counts as one membership and you will receive one of every benefit of membership.
Owners that secure sponsorship for their horses can register for and reclaim VAT on training costs. We have our own sponsorship that you can use to enable the vat back, savings you £000s each year.